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An animated series that adopts the visual style of comic and epic films to tell classic biblical stories from a new perspective.

About Supers and Heroes

Supers and Heroes is a ten-episode series of animated illustrations about biblical stories. The series adopts the visual style of comic books, manga and epic movies. Supers and Heroes focuses on the human aspect behind the biblical characters. Emphasizing the lessons that each story aims to convey. It speaks of values, of overcoming, of faith.

Supers and Heroes is entertainment for the whole family developed by an intercultural group of professionals with different philosophical and religious beliefs. What allows an impartial approach, we do not seek to convey any kind of opinion, or theological or philosophical inclination on the content. This series is an objective interpretation of the works presented in the Holy Scriptures. And it uses resources, styles and creative genres for its realization. Leaving the free interpretation for the audience.

EPISODES | 10 ep. 


  1. Pilot: David vs Goliath : 40 days undefeated. When all seems to be lost, a different kind of warrior shows up to challenge the giant.

  2. Queen Esther: In a world where women have no voice, a young woman with the courage of a thousand men puts her own life at risk to save her people.

  3. Jonah: A renegade prophet and a beast from the abyss will meet in this fantastic story.

  4. Joseph: The envy of his brothers cannot prevent Joseph from reaching the place he was destined to be.

  5. Daniel with the lions: What happens when a condemned man survives the lion's jaws?

  6. Samson: This is the story of a man with muscles of steel but with the brain of a bean.

  7. David's Warriors: Brave, determined, and cold-blooded as ice, this is the story of King David's elite forces.

  8. The sons of Jephthah: Politically incorrect, but saviors when they are needed most.

  9. Ruth: A Story of Love and Loyalty

  10. Elijah vs. The Prophets: If there is a duel of faith, this story is the greatest of all.

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