Media production
Social Media Campaign


Internet has forever changed the way in which we use audiovisual production, the new platforms are increasingly interactive, lightweight and are able to reach the public like never before. Audiovisual production is undoubtedly the most important pillar here in The Phenomenal Dreams Co.

With more than 15 years in the audiovisual and music industry, we are prepared to produce, direct and deliver high quality products.

Can you imagine?

Can you magine an expanded campaign between institutional videos, spots for instagram, youtube and facebook, graphic publications following the pattern of your company's audiovisual identity? We want to offer you personalized proposals according to the needs of your brand. Boosting the entire package with our structure in digital marketing.

  • Graphic advertising spots for social networks

  • Video clips

  • Music production for singers

  • Institutional videos

  • Online courses

  • Documentaries

  • Photographic projects

  • Short films

  • Medium and large-format films.